Coleman and Kids

Coleman and Boo, Woody, Benjamin, Keller, and Tuck

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196 Westview Drive
Athens, GA 30606
800-682-8637 or

You are free to send commentary or questions, but I need to warn you:  I may not be able to respond to everything.  I am in my late seventies and feeling the constrictions of time tightening around my plans and my writing projects, particularly. It is not from a lack of warmth or concern that I do not respond, though I have to admit that I am not consistent with this "guarding of my time."  Sometimes I reply and the exchange is helpful for both.  I am still open to invitations to give readings, especially with musical accompaniment.  My fees are flexible, somewhat, sometimes.  I cannot read any manuscripts, give blurbs, or do reviews, prefaces, or introductions. I hope you, dear reader, understand.

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